Modding discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman.
In the miscellaneous section. And this is an upload directly from my computer.

Whatsoever i choose "miscellaneous" or "texture mods", i still can not upload the file :?
Alright, just upload it to another section such as Cars and I'll move it for you. I also hope it's inside of a .ZIP/.RAR/.7Z file and that you're not trying to upload a .LEV file (because you can't upload those).
Thanks for checking!

As it appears the original file may be gone, I decided to see if I can remake it using the Driver Texture Editor, and after a bunch of messing around I have! Unzip and replace the files in the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GT Interactive\Driver\Levels' directory. Now those strange pink pixels on the wheels in the SF area are gone. Not sure why they were there in the first place!!

I've uploaded it to Mega for posterity. Link here.
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