Modding discussion for DRIV3R.

I'm new here, and I didn't there was a modding community for Driv3r up until today. I am a Turkish guy, and I'd love to improve Istanbul (mostly textures) in every possible way I can.

First question, I found and started using Antilli for modding. Is there a better, more conveinient way for this? If not, Antilli it is.

Second, I think it would be great to place HD textures into this game. I've seen some people do it:
I tried improving a 256x128 texture by replacing a 512x256 texture and the game crashed.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

I'll come here as I have new questions. Thanks!
Thank you for the reply. Like I said before, I created a higher-resolution texture for a building texture in the game, replaced it, and the game crashed when loading the level. I'm probably doing something wrong.

I wish there was a tutorial for this.
kardeşim hayırlı günler

Ben epeydir mod yapıyorum driv3r için. Antilli isimli bir tool var textureleri değiştirmen için textureler dds uzantılı, gimp ya da kullanabilirsin. Antill isimli toolu indirmelisin. bulamazsan ben sana atabilirim bana discorddan ulaş

bu benim yaptığım bir çalışma linkten inceleyebilirsin.

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