Discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back [US] / Driver 2: Back on the Streets [EU] (2000)
By arklas
As I am the original designer of this papercraft model, I can post larger, more useful images, adjusted to fit on both A4 and Letter paper formats. Unfortunately, there are no instructions how to build the model, but as experienced Driver 2 players you should be able to determine which part goes where. I recommend using toothpicks as axles. Enjoy!
This is the only car I have designed.
European A4 format: http://replikitablic.pl/dodge-a4.pdf
Letter format: http://replikitablic.pl/dodge-letter.pdf

Below, presented in front of two genuine Cuba license plates, the one on the right from the City of Havana, the other one from Havana Province.
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