Modding discussion for Driver: San Francisco.
It's 2019, and the game is dying because of Ubisoft, but that's OK. People seem to still be on here.
Everyone is talking about how they can't decrypt anything because the game files are encrypted, but I heard (at least somewhere) that the MacOS version of the game actually had non-encrypted LUA scripts. I own a PS3 and Win10 version of the game (obviously ps3 is kinda useless, because LITERALLY ALL OF THE FILES are encrypted in .dat and .sdat, unless it's an elf, self, or bin).
I know Windows 10 has encrypted LUA scripts. But could we compare those to the Mac LUA scripts to basically decrypt those files?
(also, side note. does anyone know how the hell you install mods, or prepare your game for modding/removal of uplay)

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