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Hi everyone

I used to be on this forum a LONGGG time ago. I played Driver 2 a huge amount as a child, as well as DRIV3R and then a bit of Driver: Parallel Lines.

Not really a fan of Driver San Francisco.

Recently dug out my old PS1 and PS2 from my parents attic, along with my childhood copies of Driver 1, 2, 3 and DPL. Really enjoying playing them again.

I know it has been talked about a lot, and projects have started and kinda been abandoned, but can't help feeling a fan-made reproduction of Driver 1 or 2 would go down so well.

Feel like a common issue with these projects is time/money - Surely some kind of crowdfunding would work well for this? I'd pay for a "Driver-Inspired" game based on Driver 1 or 2. And I imagine a lot of other people would too!

Again, I know you'll have heard this many times, but surely if funding was there - we could build a re-make of either of the first games - I'd personally say DRIV3R and DPL are too complex for a small team to build due to the size of it.

Anyways, in the meantime i'm enjoying some classic PS1 and PS2 Driver action, I feel like a kid again :lol:
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There's a few projects floating around here that have had a lot of effort put into them already. Check them out and contribute if you can. I think Kristy was working on a Unity remake of some description.

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