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A month or two back, I was going to make DRIV3R animations. The project was canceled due to performace issues. Now, after factory resetting my laptop after a Trogen virus attack, my laptop is running at it's maximum potential again! I decided to go ahead and try DRIV3R animating again after realising that with school and crap in session killing all my free time and I couldn't do The Driver Parody due to the painfully slow production process. And BOOM, the performance is good, and rendered it differently while being edited so now I can work with it! So this is just to show that I'm back in buisness, time to finish somthing awesome! Also, I don't want to be known as the guy who never finishes anything. :) Image ANNOUNCMENT! There are some things I have already made and am planning for the movie/ video series. I am about to announce some things planned and made.: Introducing... Sniper rifel! White semis exsist! Custom characters! A side protagionist has been made, gender is for you to guess! Stupid face exsists (A facal expression). Reflective objects are planned, but have issues with objects with textures. Custom vehicles! Side protagionist, with vehicle of their own (production of this character started back in December). Computers/vending machines/televisions will be used, operate, and capable of being damaged! Custom weapons planned! Change/remove of clothing is planned! Glass dents, and tires will bend! Origional DRIV3R crash effects will not be used, I will create a dent/crack/tear baised on how the object takes a hit! Headlights/Mirriors/Grills are planned to fall off and dent. Laptop computers are not planned, but an idea. Real time lighting! Real time shadows! Videos will be ran at 30 or 20 frames per second! That's all everyone! I will show the new custom character when their finished! :mrgreen: Theme Song/Leaks! I've been working on this song all night, and I gotta wake up earily tomorrow... Ahaha... :cry: But here's the Theme song of DRIV3R animations! It will be FARR shorter and slightly different in the actual movie. The video includes: DRIV3R beta semi, and the custom character! :wink:
KEEP IN MIND, THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED DAILY WITH THE PROGRESS OF THIS PROJECT! I AM WORKING ON THIS PROJECT EVERY DAY I CAN! If this page gets no updates for more then two days, this is a sure sign of somthing big on it's way! 1/30/2014 10:10 PM. Problem discovered. Problem: Creating bones for characters doesn't apply correctly, causing parts of the character to be deformed during movment. I can probabily fix this, I never used virtural bones before! :? High Definition: <3 Image
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Good to see that Antilli has been useful to you in your project! And I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't want to feel like someone who never finishes anything...I feel like that on a daily basis, lol.
Lol thanks Carluver! I can't thank you enough for providing me with your DRIV3R object ripping tool! :mrgreen: There is one capibility issue though, Reflections is at fault for that. During editing, if I do not view as texture (which is very GPU heavy), and use standard one color view, it shows up black. When it's black it's impossible to see any detial of the object. DRIV3R's world is baised of the color black, and shows up as this when I view as object color. If I change the color, it effects the texture and makes the texture appear distorted. Anyway, I can't thank you enough for the object ripping tool! :mrgreen:

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