Modding discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back.
By Krishty
Now I see it, too. Wow. Driver 2 buick with Driver 2 pedestrians. Weird sight!

I’d like to get my hands on the demo some time in the future. Seems to have sooo much interesting stuff in its data files …
By Alexey78
Hello, it's a wonderful job you've done. May be you can help me with one problem, I've got 2 maps designed by the same programmers, as those from Driver 1:

They are from "Destruction Derby RAW"
Is it possible to extract them using your tool?
By Krishty
I remember someone in this forum extracting DD’s cars. (Or did I confuse it with Skylabh’s reconstruction?) We should search for that thread and ask the original poster.

Edit: Okay, I checked my diary and I indeed confused the reconstruction for extraction. Sorry.

Speaking for me: I enjoyed DD a lot and I’d love to extract it, but regarding my current schedule, the earliest opportunity for me is around 2025 … :(
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By Krishty
I’ve documented lots of stuff when I extracted Ace Combat. Of course it’s no step-by-step guide to extracting a game, but there are hopefully many useful hints in the article:

The first posts are German, but it switches to English quickly. You two could combine it with what’s known about Reflections’ data formats (I bet they used a lump format in DD as well) and see how far it goes.

Sorry again that you can’t count me in on extracting DD, but it’s too difficult handling another project besides Driver 1, Driver 2, various Ace Combat titles, Amiga stuff, solving the VRML problems … and there’s also stuff from helegad I wanted to take a look at. Also, my wife becomes angry at me for looking at hex dumps for days and nights even though there’s bills to pay :D
By Alexey78
I made a small research. Each dat file begins with "00 00 04 04". It is followed by 16 integers, each integer is an offset to "MAPBLOCK". The begining of first block is right after these 16 offsets. Some of the offsets sometimes "00 00 00 00", I guess it means that there is no block for specific resource. So, these mapblocks are predefined and each of them makes own job. Last block takes about 90% of the file. It has some readable text marks at the beginning and at the end. Visually it can be divided into 3 parts.... but I have no idea how to interpiritate it (verticex, texcoords, indexes...m.b.).

FALLOUT.DAT can be split up into 71 pieces if use this hex "00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 01 02 03" as a separator, I tryed to get anithing about this hex sequence, but got nothing... no offsets or block sizes. It quit noticible, but I don't think it means something. Though, visually it looks more like blocks than if use "MAPBLOCK" as a separator.
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