Modding discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman.
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By Skylabh
Here is my current work about the cars of Destruction Derby, the first Playstation game from Reflections in 1995 ( bring back good memories, i was 18 yo back in the days :mrgreen: )
As a stock car races fan, and finding the cars skins very nice and colorful, i decided to recreate those models with the help of screenshots made with epsxe and also with the textures ripped with psxvram. So here is The Bouncer (#88) and Learner Driver (#37). The game has 25 cars.

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Skylabh wrote:Thanks. For me, Destruction Derby was a kind of precursor before Driver. Because of the similar way the damages are managed.

Yeah that fits it. Physics match, and modeling style match as well. :3

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