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By vincenzo1990
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Hello guys! :D I'm Vincenzo and I'm italian, and I'm not using any translator, I really like english! I've just arrived in this fantastic forum, it's really cool! Well, I'm writing to you because I'd like to modify the PC version of Driv3r, such as cars textures and find mods in general. In particular, I want to change the front of the Fiat Panda, making it similar to the original model (with 2 headlights). I've already read posts where you've already talked about modding Driv3r, but the links for download tools like "SL Converter" doesn't work anymore and I understand that, because these are posts and links today older (2005/6 :) ). So I'll be very grateful to someone who can re-post that utilities and explain to me what's new in Driv3r modding. I'm waiting for your replies! See you soon! Ciao!

PS: Look at these screens: Can you tell me what version of Driv3r is this?? I've never seen vehicles like the Citroen 2CV, the Panda as I want it, the Citroen CX with a different boot and the bycicle... :shock: [/img]
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By madness
Driver 3/DPL Tools
SL Converter 1.04

These should get you started, I'm really busy for the next couple of weeks and I won't be able to walk you through everything. But for now try experimenting with the tools above.

When I'm not as busy, I'll be back to tell you anything more you need to know about modding driv3r.

Good Luck! 8)

BTW: Non of those screenshots are mods, there early beta screenshots from before the game was released. The development team for some reason had to remove these vehicles.
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By Nikusakken
Welcome to the forums vincenzo! And good luck with the modding :)
By drIVmageddon
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i downloaded the SL Converter 1.04 and it said i was missing some .DLL file
By Driver nerd
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Hey my internet protection, mcfee says that the links are not very secure, can you confirm that these links are safe cheerz
Driver nerd :shock:
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By bb_42001
yes they are secure.. they come from the downloads section on this site.. no need to worry
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By madness
Driver nerd wrote:Hey my internet protection, mcfee says that the links are not very secure, can you confirm that these links are safe cheerz
Driver nerd :shock:
the file your downloading contains files which could be unsafe, but in most cases are safe. A false alarm on McAfees behalf all data in the downloads section have been tested before added.
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By EatenMuFFiN
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hello pple of the driv3r modding forums.

i have had this game for a while now and feel as though it would be easy to mod, so i found you guys/girls. anyway awesome project you have set up here to start modding driv3r and i would like to join in :) i have read some very intresting things and would love to learn to mod and shizzle

i am new to modding soo treat me gently. cant wait for the website to be up and running again so i can download the tools i need to start modding some textures and stuff.

currently i am fiddiling about with a few things like font and chaniging words in the menu and editing the cutscenes and the start (atari,nvidia)

sorry if i splet anything wrong i couldnt b boverd to check lol.
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By DrDean
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I've been in the re-texturing business for awhile for a bunch of games like The Sims, the entire Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto series, Max Payne 1 + 2 etc. I've been looking into modding Driv3r, but the downloads for the tools to do so appear to be dead. Does anybody have a mirror? That'd be great, thanks. An unrelated note: it's extremely surprising to see this forum still relatively alive after all these years.
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By DrDean
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bb_42001 wrote:are you talking about the old downloads.drivermadness link? and yes still active and soon expanding
Yeah, the old downloads for the converter/WAV2XA/2XAWAV are dead.
By Wheels
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