Having any problems running the game on any platforms or anything abnormal as happened in your game and you can fix it, come in here for assistance.
By Bassbeam

i got my hands on a copy of Driv3r and Driver Parallel Lines and have a Problem with both of em... i installed both of the games but when i start them, i only get to the point where i can choose the language ( Driv3r) and then my mouse is fixed on the left top corner and i cant move the cursor neither the keyboard had any effect on the menu ... same effect on DPL ... while im in the menu, the cursor is fixed in the left top corner and wont move and the keyboard also has no effect when i click on enter or the top or down button ( menu on DPL is not frozen, cutscenes in background plays) ... i just have no more clues what i can do to fix this crap... :roll: i tried to change the compartibility to Win XP SP3 but it has no effect on both games ...

im thankful for every help :( ...
By Bassbeam
Running win 10.

Gonna try the same thing , As in the other topic but by mines, neither keyboard nor mouse do anything :/. But thanks for the Tipp 👍🏽
By Zombie2358
Hi i had the same problem with Parallel Lines on Windows 10. So the fix is to open the file location then right click on exe go to properties then compatibility then select run in compatibility mode and put Windows XP Service Pack 3. Next you need to exit and restart your pc. And thats it fixed the mouse and keyboard.

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