Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
By Synaps3

I just installed driver 3 to relive some of the fun from when I was a kid.
For the longest time I've wanted to edit the levels in driver 3. I can't seem to find any info on this. Everything is talking about vehicles and textures. Are there any tools available that can edit the map files?

I've got a fair amount of programming experience with C#. If anyone wants to make a level editor for driver 3, let me know the info and formats I need to read and I can try to help.
I wonder if the developers would be willing to release the editor that they used to make the game. Now that it's so old, I don't see why not. I might even pay for something like that.
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By Vortex
The level editor used by the devs is called Mr. Roadbuilder
Unfortunately it was never shared with peasants like us.

For now map editing isn't possible. You can import new cars, new textures with Antilli but the level format is still untouched to this day.
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