Discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back [US] / Driver 2: Back on the Streets [EU] (2000)
As you may already know, a PAL Beta build dated Oct 1 has been generously shared by a Driver Madness member on the Discord Server: https://archive.org/details/driver2prereleasepal https://hiddenpalace.org/Driver_2:_Back ... prototype)

To keep it organized, I'm making a new thread documenting the differences found so far. It's going to be updated regularly so keep an eye out! :specialdriver:

A table of all known builds and whether they are public:
*NTSC Demo has a SLUS-90094 version, but internally it is still SLUS-90093. The difference is that SLUS-90093 has a Mountain Dew logo on the art.
*V2.8.25 Beta has been shown in French magazine Joypad.
*Review Code is known to have changed hands at least 3 times, but it was never shared by any of the owners, sadly.
*Italian and Spanish versions each contain SYM file that can be used to decompile the EXE.
If you happen to have any build different from the above, please contact me here or in the Discord Server.

Beta Cars

Oct 1 build:
The Utility Truck uses Chicago's Armored Truck engine and horn sounds.

Pickup truck has a green and grey/silver paintjobs while in the final they are dark grey and purple respectively.

'72 Plymouth Satellite
*Credits to Skylabh for sharing the Joypad magazine scans.

The textures for this cut Vegas car remain in both multiplayer levels for Vegas (Day & Night) exist in the Oct 1 build. Sadly, the model has been overwritten by Challenger's model.
A mod for Driver aiming to recreate the model faithfully can be found here.

Dodge St. Regis Police car
In the multiplayer night level of the Oct 1 build can be found a different version with front texture we never saw before and reused quarter panel textures from Driver PC.

In Oct 1 build's Night level the police car uses Las Vegas’s police car hood.

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