Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
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By Sab577
It Is Possible And All You Have To Do Is Edit The Moods. To Find Out Which One Is Which Look At The Sky And Day Of Time And Weather In The Moods. To Find Out The Music Look At The XA In Moods And The Number Will Be The Mission Number, For Example, Mood 8 Is Trapped The Music Is 08 Go To Mood 33 And Change Music 33 To 08 In Moods.

Miami Take A Ride
Mood 33 = Take A Ride Miami Day
Mood 34 = Take A Ride Miami Dusk
Mood 35 = Take A Ride Miami Night
Mood 32 = Take A Ride Miami Dawn

Nice Take A Ride
Mood 41 = Take A Ride Nice Day
Mood 42 = Take A Ride Nice Dusk
Mood 43 = Take A Ride Nice Night
Mood 40 = Take A Ride Nice Dawn

Istanbul Take A Ride
Mood 49 = Take A Ride Istanbul Day
Mood 50 = Take A Ride Istanbul Dusk
Mood 51 = Take A Ride Istanbul Night
Mood 49 = Take A Ride Istanbul Dawn

Missions You Can Find On You're Own By Looking At The Sky In Moods And The Number.
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