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The good news is it's getting pretty sexy, and thanks to motion blur, I can simulate a framerate higher then 20 frames per second, but in reality, it's still 20 frames per second. See? Sexy! :D

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/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Bad news-->First off, if you don't care, then don't complain about it, YOU clicked here. Anyway, this is a little news update for that animation project for my dad. After having the Challanger like car almost finished, no interior, engine, or tires. I can only hold a framerate of 42 frames a second average. I copied that with the Eldrado, and the floor, I copied it 3 times and I could not hold a framerate above 15 frames per second. Ahh the shame, here we go again, I can never avoid this issue. So here's things that I'm redesigning: All vehicles that are not the Challanger or Eldrado will not be made of more then 1000 faces, if I have to, no more then 2000. The wold will be very plain and blocky. Dynamic destructible environments are most likely going to be cut. Engines for other vehicles will be cut, Wheels and tires are far less detailed, Skybox is only a box instead of a low polygon cylinder, and vehicles will have no mirriors, windshield wipers, or anything too detailed. The mirriors on the Challanger have been cut, the animation will be only ran at 20 or 12 frames per second, the draw distance has been shortened and that's about it. On the bright side, I've made motion blur, with this effect, I can motion blur rape the video, simulating a larger framerate. I will do ten motion samples per frame, which will most likely look like 30 frames a second at least.

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Oh and the most annoying issue of ALL. My laptop will randomly crash during animating. Ugh, I've already had to rebuild the Eldrado, now I just lost the tires for the Challanger, Now I have to make them yet AGAIN. Dam this machine, It's holding me back from so much.
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