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hi everyone
I got question about Antilli tool
I downloaded latest source codes from here
and rebuilt. I made retexturing with antilli.exe for example roads pavements etc but when I select "export model package" exported SuperRegions.pcs file's some of the models became invisible or some of the models became very weird.

Is there any other alternative for saving textures on pcs files? Rather than exporting the whole dictionary? or how can we fix that problem on Antilli?

here are weird chairs and boxes models
I have no idea what's causing this in the first place. I haven't had a chance to actually investigate this yet, but I'll definitely look into it when I do. Also, it would be appreciated if you created an issue on the GitHub since I regularly check there and see my notifications.

Thank you for the report.

Bug has been fixed, you can download the fixed version here.
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