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Driver Pl and Driver SF map comparison - Driver Madness
General discussion for the DRIVER series.

Which map is bigger - New York or San Francisco?

Map in Driver San Francisco
Map in Driver Parallel Lines
Nothing much to say, i wanna know the total area with all buildings, roads (length) and land and water inbetween.
I'd like to port Driver maps to GTA San Andreas or someone else to do that in case i still suck at modding.

And since i never played DPL nor DSF it'd be nice if you could count all buildings if you want, so i can imagine what the population might be in-game.
That's a good question !
NYC in PL is approximately the size of the 3 cities of DRIV3R put together. Even a little bigger.

According to the guide of DRIV3R, it has 251,3 km of roads and 35768 buildings in there :P

In DRIVER San Francisco, there is 320 km of roads !

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