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By max.thunder
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By PostalDude
NautiiDarkSide and Stunts2008 make the best D3 videos. Well, 'cept he's making stunt videos from a game that has inferior damage modeling and car physics now.(Grand Theft Auto IV).
By Miller
Thanks for the nice post, man. Those are cool DRIV3R replay videos.

Was DRIV3R one of the first action/combat-type video games to really offer a decent replay of on-foot gameplay? Seems like it is mostly sports and in-car-only games that have that even today. I do not really know, though, so I ask you guys, who are like gaming experts to me, as well as car buffs. I liked playing the WWII total conversion mods for Ghost Recon games that included replays with limited camera control.

That 007-style one is how it is done, eh? It almost makes about 95% (figurative figure) of other DRIV3R replay videos seem like someone is trying to waste my time by posting them online, even if they do not call them BEST THIS or THAT EVER to lure me in. I like that fence-surfing maneuver a lot. Nice music fit, right? Man, that was cool.

I liked that video for basically the same exact reason I did not feel much entertained by the ones like TOTAL CHAOS and the Chinese cabbage video there at the bottom. Dude running around with weapon blowing stuff up bores me, I guess. Maybe it would be more interesting if I did not own the game, but I am more impressed when I see that sort of thing placed in some kind of context.

Those videos with multiple-vehicle accidents seem like a nice concept. What does the player do, get out and grab a different car to smash into the rest, and then edit out all the walking around? At any rate, there seemed to be a little too much lead-in time when additional vehicles supposedly were unable to avoid driving into the wreckage. Their drivers seemed more stupid than taken too quickly by surprise to react in time. It still looked really cool (What, Miller, no percentage rating? How cool was it, know-it-all? Like people are waiting to see because they care what I think.) Yeah, it was cool, just not as believable as it might have been. Even if those were NPCs, I would have snipped out some of that idiotic driving half a block before colliding stuff.

Aw, what do I know? I cannot even tell if I am looking at a player car or an AI one. Dude does too good of a job hiding the drivers' faces. Oh, I guess not. Either those people in those cars are all Tanner or the reason they look alike is the same reason they all keep driving into that mess -- because they are the retarded, half brain-dead product of incest. Is that even possible, an entire town full of maniac, inbred dummydardos? Oh, wait, I live there. Where is that beach at, man? Must be on the other side of town; I still live over here where the hogs ate my younger brother.

They can have it, the beach and their fancy cars that start and do not have wasp nests in them, and the rest of it -- indoor plumbing. Big deal, who needs it?

Thanks again for the videos. Sorry if I was a you-know-what about it. I just figure people as kind as you will give me the benefit of the doubt when it comes to what I was or was not joking about.
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By max.thunder
To Miller
Thanks for the comment Miller
Yeah, in my opinion Driver series were the first to include a good replay feature in which you could change the camera view,rotate,etc
Seems that after that GTA IV copied the some aspects of Driv3r replay feauture(i didn't play GTA IV but a lot of replays on YouTube seem to have some similar aspects of replays of Driv3r, like camera angles, slow motion,etc)
Yeah, the music completely fit in that vid. About the shooting it could be a bit boring, but what i like about that is seeing destroyed cars (with bullet holes, blowing cars), love to see that in slow motion, like Max Payne.
About the multiple-vehicles accidentes it's really a good idea but it also could be done in XBOX Driv3r multiplayer, back in 2004 you could play multiplayer on XBOX Live(i've never played it but surely it would be an AWESOME experience, imagine playing cool games as cops and robbers, police chases,stunts,etc)
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By max.thunder
Thank you very much for the info, i didn't know that because i didn't tried XBOX Live (back in 2004 i didn't have Internet connection)
NautiiDarkSide and Stunts2008 make the best D3 videos. Well, 'cept he's making stunt videos from a game that has inferior damage modeling and car physics now.(Grand Theft Auto IV).
After 6 years Driv3r stills unbeateable at driving physics and damage modelling. GTA IV is more realistically now(in graphic terms) but it can't be compared to Driver series driving. Recently i've played GTA IV, it is a good game but when i went into a car the experience became terrible, when you drive a car it seems that you drive a lowrider(the suspension of the cars is crazy to make turns on the streets), the car handle very strange to me compared to Driver games. As for the damage, it looks decent but not that close to reality like Driv3r

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