Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
It's different than the one you posted on Driver-dim' ?

Anyway, i remember there is also "Tanner the dog" and "Tanner without head" :mrgreen:
It's the same skin, no difference. The little update was the addition of the sneakers.

Ah yes lol, "Tanner the dog" is from Madness. The other one was made as a joke :mrgreen:
Hey Sky' !

By any chance, do you know someone that still have the "tanner the dog" skins ? It would perfectly fit for a DRIV3R horror trailer :mrgreen:
Unfortunately no i don't know someone, but what i did, is to retrieve the pics from the depths of the web. So i updated the original topic. The pics are back in place.
Anyway, this skin should be easy to recreate :wink: ... 174#p10174

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