Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
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By bibidibabidibu

Paperboy posted it on its youtube channel 6 months ago and said in a comment two days ago that the project isn't abandonned :mrgreen:
awesome awesome awesome! In my opinion, it is already have became enough for the first release. The video is really impressive and probably if Ubisoft decided to make a remake of driv3r it wouldn't better than that. Please please share these files with us beta alpha whatever. Please share man!
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By bibidibabidibu
Added new pictures. Was going to finish all the guns etc, but then Photoshop crashed lol ... placement/

here is my retexture mod for GTA III. I already got huge texture library and if you need support for textures you can send them to me and I can make retextures for them(in Istanbul part, I can help you very well, for making something faster). I am looking forward to answering from you but in my opinion, please share mod with us as beta, before something happens bad to your local files.

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