Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
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By Klancnik777

For 2 weeks i have been dabbling in bvo3 files and came up with this editor that lets you view and edit VO3 handling files. grab it here on driver madness!

Also if you find any bugs or flaws you can post them here


Also you might wanna install Visual C++ 2013 Runtime for this program to run, which you can grab here
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By Skylabh
#57653,9bSeG7W,9yOtme ... SJ,afWjG5w
Some carcol edits I did for shits and giggles.
Nice. Reminds me the hex editing i did for the colors of the mustang: ... 033#p46102 ... =30#p46115 ... 093#p46447

One interesting thing to have also in the editor are the vehicles pics.
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By Skylabh
This program doesn't even start.
You need to install Visual C++ 2013. This is stated in the first post .
Also you might wanna install Visual C++ 2013 Runtime for this program to run, which you can grab here
By VoitureDemolique
+1 on the Pictures. quite difficult to find them by their game names. Also, can we get tooltips for what each thing does? Just to make less trial and error happen during the first uses. It would help me with questions like "Is gearchange speed in milliseconds or is a higher value faster?".
By cleone
Does this allow for vehicle speed modifying? One thing that always bugged me about Driv3r was the slow ass cars.
By cleone
Should be the "Acceleration/Acceleration Power" fields.
Awesome! Gonna be time consuming but I'm gonna try to f**k with the acceleration at some point. Make the game much more intense and fun :D

Now only if we can fix that sh*tty cop ai...
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By Skylabh
Hi, well sorry for this, the LTS V-8 is indeed the taxi, so there is a mistake in the Prima Official guide (i looked into it).
So in fact you must edit the "Le Compact Taxicab" instead. I don't know why but looks like the vehicles's names are inverted.

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