Modding discussion for DRIV3R.
By Sleepy
Hello guys,

After Driver 1 multiplayer client and server released we decided to work with Driv3r.
We tried to do it and now it's available. Let's test and enjoy it.

  • 2-8 Player support
  • Car and ped sync

At least .Net Framework 2.0 to run
Tested with the unpatched European version
Exe file size: 4 136 960 bytes
Recommended with Police > Off in Take a Ride

  • Kurtis
  • Sleepy
  • Carluver69
  • WhiteSnoop
  • Nik \RacingFreak

Source code:

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By cleone
Holy mother of god... Am I reading this right?
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By Vortex
Because we love this mod' :D
It's incredible to be playing this together, i am so used to play it alone !

Here is the video of our first truly moment of online playing made by pumastar19 !

Hope this mod' will be updated ! Great work !
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By Vortex
Thx Sleepy !

But i would not be capable of doing anything with that as i'm lacking of basic knowledge in this field !

Thx anyway, maybe someone (or you :oops: ) could improved this usefull tool !
By VoitureDemolique
Just got this working for the first time (my game is patched so had to find the right exe), and I have to say that was the most fun I've had in a long time. Try getting into your friend's car while he's in it :lol:
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By NovaCx
First time posting on these forums, just kinda stumbled across you guys all of a sudden. This place is still active? It's a cool little community from what I can see, are there many people still playing the multiplayer? And would it work with a non-retail version?
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By Vortex
helegad wrote:Why don't you try finishing a multiplayer project before half-baking new ones?

Well they are pro and cons if he does that

+ Online more stable
+ Improved functionnality (player list, player on radar,...)
+ Better quality Overall

- 1 ou maybe 2 games will benefit from that instead of 10 (not accurate numbers :mrgreen: )

So they (i assume they are a team) chose quantity instead of quality. And we would never have been an Online in Driv3r (alpha state).

So, hard decision but i certainly want that this project be improved ! :specialdriver:
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