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By max.thunder
Many of us know that a commercial and a trailer for Driver 2 were shot in Havana, Cuba
[youtube size=420X315][/youtube]

[youtube size=420X315][/youtube]

But they also recorded a short film.
[youtube size=420X315][/youtube]

Sorry for video quality (watch in 480p), couldn't find better quality since Driver 2 website is offline since more than a decade. I've found seven episodes, don't know if more of them exist. If anyone knows about this short film please post comments.

I've found that the short film was produced by Harry Nash Film Productions (located in London). Apparently they had an website but now is offline. It looks that the company went into liquidation

Also i've found some info about the company which produced the short film: ... tions-ltd/ ... 59485.html ... mpany=7591 ... -2m-debts/

My main objective is to obtain the full length video with good quality.
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