Modding discussion for Driver: You are the Wheelman.
By Camm
Hi guys,

I've turned my focus onto the Driver PC game after annoyingly destroying my XP VM which I usually play.

My usual day job is a SOE Architect (so a core thing I do is package applications), I've already gotten the game working on Windows 10 (originally thinking I got it working at 21:9, but the stretching is a bit deceptive just because of the nature of the game). (I'll make a write up for it soon).

Having a look across the three versions of the game, data files appear similar and with a bit of work, I think I can port the best of each version back into the PC version.

But if you guys can answer a few questions, that'd make my life easier.

A: I've seen a few different patches floating around. What patch does the community actually use?
B: Any direction to (even WIP) projects that were porting files from the other game versions (I can figure this out myself over time, but why reinvent the wheel).
C: What modifications does the community see as essential to the game?
D: It looks like a DX6 game, but people have mentioned this running over Glide? If that's the case, it might give me a few other options.

With any luck, this will let us create a differential patch to a base version of the Driver game that will let anyone get up and playing straight away.
A: Usually just whatever the game comes with. 2.1 doesn't change anything fundamental, despite the large version difference.
Bug Fixes:

1. Adds a user-definable dead zone ammount (10, 20, 30, 40 & 50%)
2. Adds a control to switch between analogue and digital (mainly for
joysticks that don't report what they are correctly)
3. Allows keys to be used when in joystick control
4. Analogue steering has much more range than before

NOTE: Existing user recorded replays that use joystick control will no longer work

5. Brightness setting is saved into Config.dat
6. supplemenatry file for Rail Road Cops cheat
7. file incorporates New Menu Options

The problem of Driver PC FMVs not playing on some 3D cards has now been fixed

CD Sound volume adjustment compatibility has been improved

Note: If a non-keyboard device is chosen a setting of NONE in the "Joystick Redefine" is required so the "Keyboard Redefine" option is enabled for a particular in-game function.
Problem is, 2.1 patch also comes with some nice SecuROM/SafeDisc/some sh*t copy protection which makes it incompatible with most users.
C: There isn't really any.
D: It looks really nice running on Glide, in fact, the fog effect only works with Glide rendering even though it still appears in the options when running on DirectDraw/Direct3D. My experience with Glide wrappers is that they have serious issues with FMV playback in this game, usually just freezing it up.
When you say "port the best of all three versions back to the PC version", there's really not much you can do. The PC version of Driver is a surprisingly good port, because it ISN'T a port. It looks like every part of that version was built for PC, and it only shared assets with other versions. Mac was a direct port of the PC version (they even kept the MPG video instead of converting to a more Mac-friendly format like Quicktime), and there's really no additional assets on the PS version worth porting except for the tracker music, which I'm guessing goes in the impossible basket due to a). our lack of source code and b). the way Driver PC handles music; FYI, we still haven't figured out how to decode the music from Driver PS or Driver 2 PS.

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