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This is an attempt to make a comprehensive bug list for Driv3r. The hopes of this list is that in the future there will be a community-made patch that will fix common and uncommon bugs.

    [Player]If Tanner combat rolls or jumps onto a downwards slope, Tanner will be unable to move and the animation will not finish until Tanner reaches the end of the slope - Unfixed, hardcoded or animation bug? (Mentioned by Olanov)
    [Vehicle]Tanner clips through seat in the Miami Go-Kart - Unfixed, perhaps model or animation related.
    [Vehicle]The Miami Scout Cargo Van has texture alignment issues - Unfixed, texture issue.
    [Vehicle]The Miami Scout Cargo Van has headlight texture issues - Fixed by Skylabh, texture issue.
    [Vehicle]The Miami Adams Liberty also has headlight texture issues - Fixed by Skylabh, texture issue.
    [Vehicle]Miami taxi taillight is off at night - Unfixed, a model issue?
    [Pedestrian]Male ped walk is slightly out of sync with speed - Unfixed, animation related perhaps.
    [Pedestrian]Cops will sometimes break completely either just standing or staying in vehicle - Unfixed, either hard-coded or script related.
    [Pedestrian]Pedestrians will float when killed by gunshot in water - Unfixed, perhaps animation or script related. (Confirmed by Olanov)
    [Pedestrian]Pedestrians may loop the death anim - Unfixed, is it a simple animation bug? (Mentioned by Olanov)
    [Pedestrian]Women don't have Idle_default animations causing them to loop the previous animation while not moving - Unfixed, animation bug.
    [Map]Grand Bazaar has no transparency on floor - Unfixed, is it model related, the texture has tranparency?
    [Map]Turkish baths also have this issue - Unfixed, same as above (Mentioned by Vortex)
    [Map]Calita's Motel in Miami has a transparency bug - Unfixed, which is probably a shader issue. (Mentioned by Skylabh)
    [Map]Night texture on a hidden part of Nice TAR - Unfixed, Texture bug. (Found by Vortex)

Could all the transparency issues be linked?

Any more to add?
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By Olanov
Can confirm the one with cops/peds in general floating above wated after they die by gunshot.

On that note, I would add a few just off the top of my head:

- sometimes the dispatched cops stay inside their police car no matter what, even if you're on foot
- dispatched cops far away from player's vision would stray off bridges and seemingly "drive" on water until they come near the player
- peds end up looping the death animation
- if Tanner combat rolls into a downwards slope, the player will be unable to move and the animation will not finish and return to idle state until he has reached the end of the slope
I updated the list and changed the formatting a bit. Also, anyone know what the bugs were that the official patches were supposed to fix?
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