Discussion for Driver 76 (2007)
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By madness
After playing Driver: 76 for quite some time I feel the game is perfect.
BUT it just needs one more thing and I'm very disappointed it didn't include it.

I wanted Custom Soundtracks

Overall I think Driver: 76 includes about 14 tracks which we loved from Driver: Parallel Lines. Thing is I got sick of these tracks from overplaying Driver: Parallel Lines.

A wheelman's friend is his music, it helps him get the most out of the road.
and I just wanted to add more to the games collection and psp games arn't easily modified either.

I think music is the most important part of a drive and if your thinking why don't I just play GTA:VCS on PSP with it's custom soundtrack feature well I would but the handling in that game is pretty crap and I cant stand listening to such good music while driving a car with such crappy handling.

Driving shines in Driver and it should be able to shine with any song I like.
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By Nikusakken
I just hope that in the next Driver, there's the ability to put personal songs. Because if not, I'll send a bomb to Reflections :D

EDIT: It would throw some cutted pappers writed: "We want custom soundrack. -Driver Madness"
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By madness
That's more like it!
We don't want to be terrorists now do we!
and we surly want to see the next driver game, if we start blowing up developers that isn't going to happen!
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By Sedans
In SR you can have a custom soundtrack..

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