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By helegad
The Perfect Time! bonus from Parallel Lines returns in '76; drive well enough and you'll earn $10,000 as a one-time bonus for all entries in some minigames. You'll need to either beat these times or come very, very close. I do not know the exact values. These are my best times that came with the bonus.

All in all there is $260,000 to be made here, more than enough to customize every vehicle in the game. Trying to achieve perfect times will definitely bolster your driving skill. Good luck!

Circuit races (lap time)

Hunt's Point - 0:35
Jersey - 0:56
LaGuardia - 0:53

Demolition survival (time remaining to complete)

Bronx arena - 1:31

Grand Prix (lap time)

Long Island - 2:51
Manhattan - 2:14

Motocross (time remaining to complete)

Airport - 0:32
Bronx - 0:21
Central Park - 1:21
Coney Island - 0:42
Englewood - 0:37
Kearny - 0:40
World's Fair Park - 0:44

Street races (sprint time)

Chinatown - 2:12
Coney Island - 1:39
Edgewater - 2:29
Englewood - 2:32
Jamaica - 1:19
Midtown - 2:16
Redhook - 1:39
Uptown - 2:19

Taxi driver (time remaining to complete)

Astoria - 1:20
Central Park - 1:06
Edgewater - 0:31
Jersey - 1:08
Midtown - 0:51
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By francof514
I do not know the exact values. These are my best times that came with the bonus.
So those are good times, we should do this for driver 2 competition, set the standar times for each minigame.
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By helegad
I'm pretty sure that's all of them. Stick Up, Perfect Delivery, Steal To Order, and Loan Shark do not carry these bonuses as far as my gameplay has shown, as target locations (apart from Stick Up) are totally variable which could either make the bonus really easy or impossible to achieve. Stick Up does in fact record a time in your statistics despite the gameplay itself never showing a timer, but I do not actually know what these times represent; they are all under a minute for me.

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