Discussion for Driver 76 (2007)
By Miller
Please send us a few hundred screenshots so we can make a slideshow, man. lol Hey, you know who makes good screenshots, is Postal Dude. I want to make a bunch of cool looking ones from DRIVER games next year.

I never played this game. Can you customize the HUD in this one or switch it off or anything like that, man?

How does that PSP thing hold up to being thrown on the floor in anger? Just kidding. I remember when we used to take turns playing DRIVER after I bought a PlayStation, dudes would throw down the controller. I would be all like, "Hey, that thing cost $25, man." That was a good controller model, too, the Interact Barracuda programmable dual analog stick thingo.
I actually love Driver 76. Been playing it quite a bit lately. I guess I don't really care for DPL's free roam system. It was unnecessary.

Another part is probably associated memories.
78 DPL brings back very very very bad memories of life in 06. Lots of stupidity on my side. A lot of the time I can look past it though. 06 is just fine for the most part.
'76 brings back really good memories, on the contrary, all the time.

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is there split screen on the pc version???