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By madness
I Won

On Wednesday the 8th of August I won a Driver 76 Shirt courtesy of the guys at ubisoft. I went to check my emails and less than a minute ago I was sent an email from ubisoft Project Manager entitled “Driver 76 T-shirt Winners”. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do so I opened it and replied to it as quick as possible.


I decided to reply as quickly as possible. I managed to reply with all the required details with a little more unneeded information within two minutes. The message looked so horrible and unprofessional I have no idea why I had to click send button so soon. Well what’s done has been done and there is nothing else I could do after I had sent it. I’m pretty sure they never got to reading it straight away as I got a reply three hours later.

Days and days pass by… I keep on checking the mail and no special package. I wasn’t really expecting it to come to soon because ubisoft is based in the US and the guy who emailed me about this prize had a phone number with the US prefix.


Then I peered into the letterbox and found what you see in the above picture. Except the package had included my address which I removed for privacy reasons.


Firstly I decided to turn it over and see who sent it. It read

Ubisoft Pty Ltd.
Suite 3, Level 2
19 Harris St
Pyrmont, NSW 2009

And I thought it was getting sent all the way from the other side of the world. Well at least it come earlier than expected and I can enjoy whatever is inside.


I decided to open it after 3 hours wondering what I really should do with it. I really had no idea whether I should preserve it in its packaging till the day I see Martin Edmondson or whether I should just open it to see what was inside.


For the purpose of this page I decided to completely open it and show the world what was inside. So you could see what I seen when I opened it up and took a look under the hood.


I would have liked to make a movie out of this but I never had anyone around to film and I really wanted to spend loads of time taking picture perfect photos. So I tried getting the lighting perfect and everything. Too bad I never had a 1000 dollar digital camera.


Then I decided to take an overhead view photo of it all nice and folded up. I took a look at the other side which didn’t look as good and yes I have photos but never decided to upload them because it looked a little creased up.


A photo I couldn’t miss taking a photo of. Besides the small creases doesn’t it look beautiful? Glowing there on the shiny wooden table for the entire world to see.

This was a great little prize, and as the owner of this driver fansite I always wonder why I didn’t win something as good as that iPod nano in the scratchmycar competition. But I guess it was total luck that the owner of a fansite being the only English fansite out there and I won this prize by pure luck. Doesn’t that seem unlikely? Lucky me. However I’m still not sure what I really won this for, I made a late entry into the palgn driver 76 contest and I did the scratchmycar game but I thought that was to win a “Driver 76” iPod Nano.

I guess I’m lucky to have received this and I thank ubisoft so much. I just wished I got another one because I really want to preserve this one rather than wearing it. If I could only get another one then I could frame one of them and wear the one that fits me best.
By Moonchild
Congratulations on your winnings and therfore the new shirt, and thanks for all the "play-by-play" pics. Ubisoft Entertainment is actually based in France but it looks like you won the shirt from the company's American division.

madness wrote:If I could only get another one then I could frame one of them and wear the one that fits me best

Spoken like a true fan...
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By Sedans
Moonchild wrote:
madness wrote:If I could only get another one then I could frame one of them and wear the one that fits me best

Spoken like a true fan...

My words exactly

Nice to see you won though, pretty cool...
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By Lseven7
rofl... hilarious re enactment of every step of the way from recieving the email right thru to having the tshirt open... especially the bit about trying to decide whether or not to leave it unopened :P.

By Miller
Yah, In like the way you told all that moment by moment or whatever. I guess I'm laughing, too, but only because it's cool. So is winning that shirt in the first place, man. Congratulations, boss.
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By madness
bb_42001 wrote:can you give it to me?

It's hard enough choosing what I'm going do with this one.


I was showing some users this post via. Other forums and Instant Messengers like MSN.

Dooval wrote::P nice

Zeedox wrote:grats on tshirt

bb24100 wrote:one nice shirt

Zoton2 wrote:XD

Scareproof wrote:congratulations)))

Aidan wrote:You make too much of a big deal

I'll post some more quotes soon whenever more comments have been made. :P

I have no idea why? but I seem to be making a big deal about this. Maybe it's the excitement.
By Miller
Aw, to heck with the killjoy types. I say let people decide for themselves how much they want to enjoy the events in their lives. I'm glad you posted about this, including the story you made of it with the pictures and captions. That was pretty cool.
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By Driver911
The shirt looks very cool.
I saw it at your post in TDU at GS. :)

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By nitrored
i saw him post it at gamespot
By Spartan Phoenix
It is impossible to not make a big deal about this top....IT IS PURE AWSOME!

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