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By Fireboyd78
Remember in Driver 1 where you drive these cars that look nothing like the traffic cars? I think that if we went back to that style it would be pretty sweet. Of course it would have off-foot action and you can jack the traffic cars, but we need unique cars too! I'm tired of driving cars that you ALWAYS see on the road, driver 1 was cool because you stood out.

The only way to obtain these cars is to buy them over a fake internet in the game, and have to wait a few days before your car appears in your garage. It could be something like -

Specializing in famous cars around the world!

[1968 Grand Maddox GT Turbo]
Price: $2,500
[O.K Condition]

[Picture goes here]


[1992 Jupiter Single-Turbo SLS]
Price: $900
[POOR Condition]

[Picture goes here]


[1990 Jupiter SRS Turbo]
Price: $5,000
[EXCELLENT Condition]

[Picture goes here]


[1954 Kevy Truck-650]
Price: $1,000
[O.K Condition]

[Picture goes here]

[2008 Grimwald Walt TURBO]
Price: $150,000
[PRISTINE Condition]


And the list goes on and on.

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