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Ubisoft Reflections, the studio currently collaborating with Ubisoft Montreal in the development of the upcoming Watch Dogs, announced a new managing director to the studio, Pauline Jacquey, and revealed it is working on a number of new projects.

Prior to her move to the Newcastle-based studio, Jacquey worked in Ubisoft's Paris, Shanghai, Montreal and Pune game studios, having produced titles such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for consoles as well as the recent iterations of Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed for mobile devices.

Reflections remains tight-lipped about its in-development projects, however. Previous work from the studio includes Driver: San Francisco, in addition to collaborations with other Ubisoft studios on games such as Just Dance 4 and Far Cry 3.

Polygon has reached out to Ubisoft regarding what these new projects might be. We will update the story when further information is made available.

Let the speculation begin.
Q: They've kept a low profile the last couple of years, is that something you want to change?
This is exactly why we're talking. We had a major change of strategy in the past year and we're now working on a non-driving game, so that's a big change for the studio. It again shows the adaptability of the studio, that the guys embraced the change without fear, they did it and it's a success now so it's a different image, a different culture for the studio that is bubbling right now.

And me coming in with a vast Ubisoft background, I don't think it will change the identity but I think maybe highlight different strengths in the studio and make them proud of what they do and be happy and working on cool, AAA games. I'm not quiet and I'm not shy, probably that will affect the studio.
Q: Will the studio be working on its own original IP?
Yes. We do parts of games, but it's very actually standard at Ubisoft now to do AAA games, like for the new PS4 console, you need teams of up to 600 guys so you can't do it at just one site. So there's organisation within Ubisoft to make sure that collaboration happens and works. So it's not like outsourcing, it's real co-development and collaboration and I think both sides learn a lot from working together. So I want this to be a very strong pillar of the studio, but yes, I want us to do our own games and I'm very interested in the evolution of the industry like free-to-play and digital and mobile. And that's something that I did already, in the past. Not very famous games, but still millions of players. So I don't know exactly which shape it could take, I've only been here for three months, but my intention is to have a very varied portfolio and collaboration will not just be what we do.

We already have interesting technology that we develop for the group that's linked to what we did in the past, driving. It's really cool, I think it's in the top technology you have at Ubisoft. And we have collaboration but we are already doing our own thing, but I can't talk about it.

And I always said that I wanted to see Reflections working on a non-driving game.

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