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By madness
There should be a way of adding your own music to Driver: Parallel Lines in the PC Version, with DRIV3R this wasn't possible and I think it would be great if there could be a feature to import your own tracks in the PC Version of Driver: Parallel Lines.

Yeh, there was a feature like this in GTA however all games should have the right to have a feature like this and there where many games before GTA which had the same feature. However I think they should create a better more advanced version which is built into the game, Instead of that annoying little folder where you'd have to rip your own music with a seperate application and convert it to the correct codec and place it in the music folder refferd to "mp3" folder in Vice City.

So what I think should be done is that there should be an ingame feature which enables you to quickly and easily rip music from a CD or easily locate a music file on the HDD using "explorer".

So what does everyone else think about this feature and is there anything which could be improved or added to a ingame media player?
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By Sedans
yea that would be tight man

but maybe it could have some sort of "ipod" feature, where you can scroll through your music, and tha music you imported on tha disk could be a backup file so if you havent backed up yo music you could still export yo music back onto ur computer :D

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