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By madness
I have decided to start an interesting project, which will hopefully showcase my skills in video editing.
I have decided to create a video called "A Year Of Driver" showcasing what has happening this year of 2007. This post will talk about the best post of 2007 down to the worst post, it'll also include information about this years released driver games along with messages from the fans to news updates taken from Driver Madness' portal.

So far I have developed this structure, I may change it a little in the future but this is the basic outline I have at the moment.


The Games
DPL (PC,Wii)
Driver 76
Driver: LA Undercover

The Fans
Messages from the Fans

In The News
News Updates throughout 2007

Information about modding projects

Best of 2007

Aditional Footage
Most Disapointing Thread of 2007
Most Exciting Thread of 2007


I will hopefully have this video finished by new years making it avaliable to everyone via. Download and in a couple of days will become more publicly avaliable amung video sharing services such as YouTube and Google Video.

So since I have made these plans pretty late it won't turn out as good as I would have hoped.
At the moment I'm asking for help, all video anyone makes feel pretty plain without real video and a real voice.
So if anyone in interested we would like to maybe see you present in the video and/or hear you announce something special which has accured in the history of driver this year.

If your interested please tell me asap so I can get you started on something.
We are basically looking for anyone who would like to

-Create a video or audio message to the driver community
Maybe talk about something important which has happened. Or something you really like about the driver serious, really this one is up to you as long as it has some relation to the driver series.
-Maybe a short review demonstrating what you liked in any of the games released this year.
-Or... maybe a news reporting, reporting some of the news.

and of course don't forget to enter in your most amazing/best replays and screenshots.

All this would be amazing and helpful and of course would inspire the creators of the driver series to do a better job, and of course will make them feel happier that there is a community out there which really loves to see them creating what they create/play best.
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By Coyote
I already made two Driver 4 trailers :).
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By madness
Well I'm trying to accept the most exciting, videos and only parts of them otherwise the video will be 26hours long.
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By Coyote
Is my 2nd video ( with the guy who's singing in the car ) exciting enough ?
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By Daltarin-Elite
There's nothing wrong with a twenty six hour long video, we could make a movie marathon out of it... Those are always fun, except when half the people are girls and want to watch romantic films, and the other half who are guys want death and destruction... Somewon should make a random film called Tanner In Love... That would be so crap it would be awesome.
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By Sedans
Wow this seems cool. I volunteer to find the threads you want, I mean with some help...
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By Mario
anyone interested in making a driver marathone?
or a driver movie?
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By madness
I've started making a movie of driv3r, here is what I have done so far.

Sometime in the future I'll make something with a totally different storyline to the game and use driv3r's film director or maybe even a next generation driver film director.
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By lookatme123
I've started making a movie of driv3r, here is what I have done so far.

Sometime in the future I'll make something with a totally different storyline to the game and use driv3r's film director or maybe even a next generation driver film director.

madness i hope they put film director back in the next driver
By nitrored
i think i have the worst post, lol probly something about me and sedans fighting about wheather tacos are better than takitos. lol!
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By Sedans
Oh yeah I rmemeber that...

Those were the golden days...word
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By madness
Due to lack of interest by everyone. (Yeah, I guess there was some interest but not enough) I haven't made this first priority, the DriverWiki comes first.

So I'll start working on a 2008 version :).
and maybe a 2007 version still, haven't decided yet! (But It'll be late)

I'm planning the video should be about 10mins. But loads of awesome content. Just as mentioned above it'll tell us all what happens in the year of 2008 within the driver series.

If successful I'll do it for ever year driver exists.
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