General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By madness
Over the past I have been crawling and copying all the pages of major driver related sites knowing one day that something will happen and all the sites won't exist. Well I was correct and now I have found the time to put all the site together modify them a little to cut out dead links and missing files I forgot to copy.

So take a trip back into memory lane and check out these awesome driver site mirrors.

Official Sites

The site contains almost all of the site except larger versions of the images.

Driver 2
At the moment we only have the flash version of the site available which contains everything except the larger versions of the screenshots.

Driver 3
Most of the site is missing however you can gain access to the first page and a few sub-pages I'm still working on putting this site together however I don't think I have too many files.

Driver: Parallel Lines
I have the entire site with everything working, this is the old Atari version of the site which no longer existed however is back up again on Atari's server but we believe this won't be for long.

Driver 76
Most of this site is accessible from ubisoft's however ubisoft upgraded the site including a Driver: Parallel Lines section, this version of the site doesn't include this section. This site was capture around May 2007.

Driver: Vegas
Contains the complete official site for the Driver mobile game. Driver Vegas.


Unofficial Driver Fansites

Driver Garage ... garage.php
A really old driver site which still exists except was found on a free host containing millions of advertisements which were quite annoying so I created this ad-less mirror.

There are more mirrors to come in the future so keep an eye on this topic.
By piggsy22
thats brilliant, how did you mirror them? what software did you use?
and how can i save them to my computer so i can view them offline

do you know what happened to driverhq
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By madness
Unfortuanatly we are unable to offer an offline version. It is possible however I'm sure the developers of the site don't wont their work everywhere.

I got one of the sites from and modified it and added some pages which I found on my pc which where missing on that site.

and DriverHQ disapeared ages ago and I don't have very much content from it. I wished it was still around it was a great site, however I think the site developers couldn't continue funding the project and it must have disapeared from existance.

Also I didn't use software I did most of it manually.
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By Coyote
To have the site offline you have to find the flash in the source code. The ending should be .swf. Then you just open it with Flash Player and save it on your computer, then you've got it offline ( but it won't work so good … ).

And what is DriverHQ ? Was that a kind a general site for the Driver series ? :?
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By madness
It was like Driver Madness, it contains news, forums, downloads and all that kind of stuff. Just what a general fansite would include.

Except in this case it included a lot more info and content for Driver 1 and 2. Since it was around then and disapeared shortly after the release of driv3r.
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By Coyote
But was it a fansite or a official site ? :?

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