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By madness
Most of you who are new to the series probably will have no idea what I’m talking about so you could disregard this topic. If you know the site fairly well you will probably know that the site disappeared some time ago. I have no idea why but everything on that site has gone. The downloads; the content on the forums and all that information we could have gotten a hold of before they disappeared. I’ve never really seen the site in action in fact I’ve taken a look at the site on the wayback machine however most of the site is gone. They had loads of content there and my main concern is the downloads the main content I’m looking for is the downloads they had available on that site.

From what the wayback machine would show me the site had a French Translation and had many other interesting downloads and I’m wondering if anyone knows where I cannot find any of this content if you have it maybe you can find a way to send it to me.

Please get back to me if you have anything on this site?

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