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By madness
Just after the release of "Driver 3" Martin Edmondson resigned from working with "Reflections Interactive".
Atari confirms Driver creator's resignation
Publisher comments on Martin Edmondson's depature from developer Reflections; calls Driver franchise "alive and well."

Atari today confirmed to GameSpot the resignation of Martin Edmondson, founder of Reflections Studio. Reflections is the internal studio responsible for the Driver series, one of Atari's most successful and bankable franchises.

"For some time we've been in normal contract renegotiations with Martin, and the two sides were unable to reach an agreement," an Atari spokesman said today.

As for the future of the studio and the Driver franchise, the impression from the spokesman was that there was little fallout after the resignation. "Reflections remains an Atari studio under the same management team that has overseen the studio for quite some time (Martin did not manage the studio). As for the Driver franchise, it is owned by Atari, and we have very big plans for it."

Atari's big plans include the release of Driver 3 for the PC next March. Beyond that, the spokesman would only say, "I can't divulge the longer-term plans, but suffice it to say, the Driver franchise is alive and well."
With over 6 million dollars I wonder what he has been doing, I herd that he was going to start up another development company. I wished he stayed with reflections and all that time I haven't herd anything, the name "martin edmonson" is all of a sudden quite, after constant searches and looking for him everywhere. Does anyone know what he is working on at the moment.
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By Lseven7
Perhaps DPL turned out the way it did because of that? There was certainly a big change in the series between D3 and DPL.

And why did you only post this now? thats a few years ago that it happened.
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By madness
yeah, I really think martin was the person who kept everything going nicely and if he did leave because of the in-success of driv3r, well that was a stupid thing because driv3r didn't do all that bad after all and would have been better by the professional reviewers if reflections got more time to fix it.

anyways blame "Atari"!

right know I'm working on something which may help track down martin edmonson :P
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By Sedans
Well, it could not be bad news becasue UBI is taking over- right?
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By madness
It's really bad news. Martin has nothing to do with Atari it has nothing to do with ubi purchasing the franchise either.

I just wanna here some news about what martin's up to in the game development world, or if he has become an undercover cop just like Tanner which mysteriously looks like martins brother.

Hopefully we find out his plans soon, I hope he designed to work with reflections interactive again.

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