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By Badnick24
Hey old friends,

So I have one of those Gear VRs and I was browsing some new games on the app store. I came across this and instantly recognized the artwork as taken from a certain mobile Driver game that shan't be named.

Thought it interesting.

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By Badnick24
Apologies. It's been a while. Trying to fix my image link now.

Edit: fixed link. Thanks postal.

Downloaded the game for shits and giggles. Will play it in a bit.
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By Badnick24
Well. It's broken beyond belief. The entire game is in Japanese, despite being advertised in English. The graphics are very blocky simplistic ones, kinda like an ESRB early childhood game. And it crashed before I reached said game.

All in all, I'd say this one's a game changer.

Makes Speedboat Paradise look like paradise
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By Vortex
Brings me back to when i found a fake game that was using the driver madness logo
I found it too ! For 1 sec', i was like "driver-madness really did this ?" :lol:

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