General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By madness
A while ago I said i was going to develop a little flash game every week, well now I have decided to create one large flash game, it's still kind of based on DRIV3R however I'll expand it to driver: parallel lines and maybe even driver 1 and 2.

So to see my progress you can take a look at this short dodgy storyboard I have made. NOTE: I'll be creating a better one soon as well as making an alpha release of the mini-game.

Storyboard 1

[flash width=675 height=400] ... board1.swf[/flash]
For some reason the up down left and right controls don't work so if you wish to be able to drive you'll need to click here.

There will be more updates soon.
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By Sedans
Yooo thats tight!!!! lol, you used the van from D3 huh?
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By madness
yeah, it's the van... That was the first thing I found to take a screenshot of and put it in the game. I believe I'll make it that you can choose in between a few different cars in the final release. I think my the end of monday I'll be making a full alpha release. It depends how my time goes, I might put working on this fansite on hold to spend fulltime on the next flash game.

But I'll make sure I keep the news updated and make a few posts if I decided to do this because it is only 4 days the the release of DPL on PC.

more information and news coming soon...
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By Tanner1970
LOL! That's funny.
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By Driver911
What program did you use?
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By Coyote
Lol, look where the van is xD
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By cars358
what program did u use
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By Coyote
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional ( I guess ).

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