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Certain colored cars in DRIV3R - Driver Madness
General discussion for the DRIVER series.
By Wheels
So if anybody had noticed, just like in Driver 1 and 2, some cars don't have certain colors. For example, the utility van in Miami isn't colored Blue, Orange, Black, Red, etc. There are some cars in the game with most of these colors, why don't other vehicles have them?
By Wheels
I think I remember walking past a place with a few work vans. Can't remember the colors, but one of them was colored blue.

Also, how do you know the names of the cars? You said the van was an Econoline. How did you know?
By Wheels
...Because it's an Econoline. If you're into cars/trucks .etc, ID'ing them is no problem.
OK, sorry. :(

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