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By Badnick24
It's been a long time since I've made a topic but I have sort of an odd question. I can't seem figure out what instruments they use to create some of the background music in Driv3r. Here's the cutscene with the music in question.

First instrument: Right at 1:06. It sounds like a dull chime or a bell, maybe xylophone?

Second Instrument: At 1:58, there's an eerie sounding instrument I can't describe.

I know this question is kinda dumb, but it does interest me as I'm heavily into films. I like to learn about how to create a suspenseful mood and this game did just that. But I'm not the most fluent in music heh.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated :)
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By Badnick24
eehhh a hi-hat?

And a waterphone!
You got the second instrument, but the first one I think you are mistaken lol. I'm not talking about the drums, I mean the dull chime sound. Maybe it could possibly be a keyboard?

Thanks a ton though for naming one of them. This helps me to pinpoint different types of background music I would use in a short film :)
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By Badnick24
I was looking through my own keyboard. I think it's surprisingly an electric bass. Who'd have thought!

Also the waterphone one might actually be a glass pad (or at least that's what my keyboard says) ...these nice f[…]


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