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By Wheels
Driver seems to get repetitive every now and then. Kill this guy, chase that car, steal this car, run from the cops, you know the deal.

Driver 1 was 100% repetitive, and you can't say it isn't the truth. IT IS the truth. I found myself in pretty much all of the missions in the game driving from Point A, to Point B, to Point C even. Or just simply driving around. It's still a good game, but it got repetitive... you can believe me on that part.

Driver 2 was repetitive every now and then, but it wasn't AS repetitive as Driver 1. There was a minor addition to it. 4 new cities, A NEW SELECTION of cars. (Unlike the first game, they just seemed all the same, and only seemed different by the colour.) And minor physics adjustment, and slight graphics upgrade (not that it matters, it only made it slightly worse).

Let's get to the point here now. Driver 2 had a different set of missions, all like before, just slightly less repetitive. Now, I know what you're going to say "retard it's repetitive just like the first". Nobody asked you yet. Sit down please. The missions are different, this time, time goes down FASTER than before, cops give you a HARDER time completing the missions, and usually, you're driving the slowest cars ever. Oh, and the addition to secret cars was good, but I don't know how to save them.

Usually, you found yourself chasing a dangerous vehicle which you must confiscate from the people driving it. That wasn't in Driver 1.

You know the rest of the missions have you driving from Point A to Point B again, but not all of them do this. You sometimes find yourself fleeing from the cops in a whole new fashion, kinda like TBBS (The Blues Brothers) . You're driving through alleyways onto the road, into another alley, and then finding out the cops lost you because you drove in the alleyways too much. The same "car chase" sh*t was taken, but improved. You could do the same thing in Driver 1, but not as cool.

Driver 3 had the ability to not only let you grab other cars, but to let you have a gun. Wow. That was actually crazy, the fact that Driver 3 actually let you have a gun. That was amazing back then. But, as any other game, it turned repetitive. Now not only are you in car chases all the time, or driving from A to B, but now you're just gunning people down like a mafia family messed with the wrong family, now you're getting payback.

3 new cities. What a downgrade. 3 instead of 4? Why the f**k did this have to happen? Don't get me wrong, Driver 3 is a really fun game, but where's the MORE fun in having 4 cities? I was entertained to have 4 cities in Driver 1 and 2, why does Driver 3 only have 3 cities?

Anyways, it's still a good game. I recommend this to anybody who looks forward to getting a Driver game on the PS2 or Xbox Original, or PC. If PS1 or PC, then I recommend Driver 1, if it's PS1, then I recommend Driver 1 AND Driver 2.

Driver PL. Yet again, a game that feels and plays like Driver 3. Not going to lie, the people who made this game worked HARD to make their cities for every Driver game possible. You are TK (The Kid), you were 18 years old, growing up as fast as you could, you had EVERYTHING. Guns, cars, whatever you can imagine, until... it was all taken... away.

Driver PL played like Driver 3, but it felt like GTA. I'm not implying it's a GTA clone, but I'm saying it feels like I'm playing GTA. The missions are like your usual missions. Drive, Shoot, Steal, and run from cops. At least it has new cars, but that's all they added. Different missions, different styles to the game (the coolest thing was being able to switch from 2006 to 1978). Oh, and a radio too. Huh, you never seen that in a Driver game before.

There isn't much else to explain about Driver PL, I did what I can. If you want to see what I was trying to explain, go back to the part where I explained Driver 3, and then think about Driver PL.

Driver San Francisco. Ooh, boy, 100% repetitive again. All you're doing is shifting and driving different cars. From Cars to Trucks, there's pretty much NOTHING. Missions are boring, the city setting is good, the ability to play in First Person behind the wheel was cool, but... holy f***ing sh*t did it every hit the drain fast for me. The missions were f***ing sh*t. The story line was f***ing sh*t. Everything else, was amazing. This is what happens when you lend a good brand over to Ubisoft. They turn it into a bowl of sh*t, with added sh*tty smells.

The missions just have you driving around doing nothing productive. I can't explain much about this. I'm assuming people here at Driver Madness have already played Driver San Fran before. You should know what I mean by now.

My fingers hurt. You can state your opinions about this and complain all you want, you're only wasting your energy, and your time, trying to act like you're The F***ing Know-It-All. :mrgreen:

Anybody here that knows what I'm talking about and doesn't turn it into a major argument, thank you for not being a f***ing asshole. :mrgreen: (Y)
By Wheels
Play any game long enough and it gets repetitive.
Yeah, true.

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