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By madness
EDIT: Sorry for the vagueness, I wrote this just I had woken up from a dream. Lamest story-line ever :mrgreen:

Got to bring the money back
I cannot work out the control to get into a car so I put my hand on a remote control car and drive while leaning on it

I have $200,000 to bring back
the money is too heavy, so I’m directing a bull to carry it down the streets of rio
I notice someone else is interested in the money and is chasing us
we talk about the bull, I comment how I’ve been chasing him everywhere and I tell him it’s time to go home with my bull.

I realise and say I know who you are to the interested man following me and the chase begins

he runs up to my bull and takes the money
He gets into a van with push bikes connected to the back of it
I try to get into a near by car but cannot work out the controller button for it
the asian guy on one of the bikes tells me to get on a bike if I want the money

I try to but they drive to far away and start laughing, they slow down and I have another attempt to get on a second bike…

they start driving faster again as I chase on foot
the asian guy says better run then

*que starting gun shot for nearby on foot and dog race *que chase music

they go into a dog race on a track where they chase the rabbit
as I chase them driving in the car with my money I must bring back to my associates
the dogs are chasing, and a whole lot of people start chasing on foot, but they aren't chasing for the money as they don’t know about it they just want to race

we go down a highway and the first runner turns right. So I chase after him.
F1 cars go racing down the other direction.
I don’t see a car in the direction I continue to go in that direction until a voice says you're going the wrong way, looks like I lost the money.

I think, “Missions are hard enough in driver games.”
The End

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