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Driver 2 Havana at day .VS. The herbaliser:On your knees - Driver Madness
General discussion for the DRIVER series.
I was re-listen to some of the songs from the Driver games and i noticed that the song 'On your knees' by 'The herbaliser' sounded kinda like 'Havana at day' from Driver 2.

The guitar part is almost the same and the vocal is singed similarly like the tune.

Havana at day :


The herbaliser 'On your Knees' :


If someone could make a remix out of those two songs that would be awesome.
No way in hell do they sound anything alike.
I didnt say they sounded exactly alike,i said that there was a fews little part here and there that seem similar in both songs like the guitar part at the beginning of On your knees and the fews notes at the beginning of the Havana at day song.

The notes are not exactly like each other put they are played in a similar way and rythm.

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