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1974 - 1975 Opel Manta A GT/E

The Manta A was released in September 1970, two months ahead of the then new Opel Ascona on which it was based. A competitor to the Ford Capri, it was a two-door "three-box" coupé, and featured distinctive round tail lights, quite similar to those on the Opel GT and which in fact were used on the GT in 1973, its final model year. In the UK market, the first Manta was sold only as an Opel: there was no Vauxhall-branded Manta (or Ascona) until after the launch, in 1975, of the Manta B1 and Ascona B.

The second car to use the Manta name was launched in August 1975. This two-door "three-box" car was mechanically based directly on the then newly redesigned Opel Ascona, but the overall design was influenced by the 1975 Chevrolet Monza. The Manta had more "sporty" styling, including a droop-snoot nose not seen on the Ascona, although it was standard, on the UK version of the Ascona, the Vauxhall Cavalier. There was still no "Vauxhall Manta", with the car remaining an Opel in the UK. However, a Vauxhall Cavalier was available with the same coupé bodyshell.

In 1977, a three-door hatchback version appeared to complement the existing two-door booted car. This shape was also not unique, being available on the Vauxhall Cavalier Sports Hatch variant.

Both Manta versions received a facelift in 1982, which included a plastic front spoiler, sideskirts for the GT/E and GSi models, a small wing at the rear and quadruple air intakes on the grille.
Wut you sure? Prrt if it was set in Europe Tanner would drive a jaaaggg

I would like a Driver set in Ozzstralya :specialdriver:
Tanner need some sporty car, not a luxury car for old businessmen.
Wut you sure? Prrt if it was set in Europe Tanner would drive a jaaaggg

I would like a Driver set in Ozzstralya :specialdriver:
Tanner need some sporty car, not a luxury car for old businessmen.
My dad drives a Jag and he's definitely not an "old businessman" :P Don't be fooled by cliches.

Any powerful 4-door sedan will do the job for Undercover-agent Tanner :)

Reminds me of Ronin right now, this movie has such great car chases, with that Merc, and that BMW, and that Audi. They are just perfect for a chase like that!
That car is more useful because it attracts less atention

My dad drives an Merc and he isn't a old businessman. Although recenlty Jag image changed a lot, it looks like they went into wider type of customers.
Omg! I love the W124! Ok wait no, I love the E500 and the very rare E60 AMG actually. The rare E36 AMG is a neat toy as well. And then there's those crazy and very rare 7.3 V12 models…
In fact, I absolutely want to have an E60 one day:


But the prices are just insane. 130,00€ that's the last price I had seen.

And YES: they attract less attention, that's why I love them. Looks like an old taxi :lol:
Yeah I love the Taxi movie! But such a big shame that they put those ugly wheels and that spoiler.

The second one is a 300E 6.0 (aka 'Hammer'), this was when AMG wasn't part of Mercedes-Benz yet, and this car was the one that inspired Mercedes to make an official model of the E-Class with a V8, which became the 500E (renamed E500 in 1993).

The third one is a good car but this one looks very poor with that fake AMG bodykit and ugly spoiler :P

Also I just saw your edit about the quality: I agree that the Mercs from the 90s were pretty much the best ever. I actually know someone who owns such an E60 AMG (it uses the M119 V8 engine), and his car has over 530.000 km !! He recently had the gearbox redone.
For Diesel engines it's not uncommon to hit a million or two.
I always thought that the third was an official car, i thought that it is 1983-1985 500 SEC AMG

Yeah, it's true, those cars were chosen as taxis in Germany since they were (and they still) very reliable.
No man they're way too ugly to be official :P Mercedes was always very discreet about the performance of their cars, which is why I like them!

There was no official AMGs until the 90s also, so that W126 can't be official. AMG has done some kits for the engine and such stuff, and yeah also body kits which had only small differences to the original, but in the end even those weren't really official as AMG wasn't really "official" either back then.

I really hope I can own one of those E60s one day 8) It's my absolute dream car since I was very young.
I don't think it has to do with the design, I mean, I love their current design :) It's just the quality that isn't as good. The reason for that being that we're a consumer society and we just simply don't keep cars for 30 years anymore. So many things change so quickly, that it makes no sense to invest time and money into a car that will run a million kilometres. I must admit that Mercedes is still at number 1 here, because all taxis I see (no matter in which country I go) are still E-Classes, and when I search on car sale sites for such cars I see lots of Diesel models (ex-Taxis) that get sold with maximum 700.000 km, that means that companies think it's not worth to invest into this car anymore at this point and that's why they sell them. So they aren't so bad quality if 600 or 700.000 is their limit! :)
The reason for that being that we're a consumer society and we just simply don't keep cars for 30 years anymore
I don't know why is the reason to change a car if it's excellent. Maybe is the fashion right now to buy new cars and show that you're cool in a new ride. Some of the old designs are timeless.

My comment from 2 years ago
Nowadays cars are made for drive them,max. 20 years and after that buy a new car but the old cars were made to drive them for a lot of years,like the 1920's Ford's or 60-70s muscle cars,now the companies make worse cars because they want the customers to buy new cars after 10 years of buying the previous car(i mean that they made that method to earn money because you have to buy a new car every decade so they change the design of the car,etc)
The main problem is what we gonna do with lots of car trash
Well after 30 years it's surely not new anymore and lacks a lot of new features :P Sure then you could say that those features were invented decades ago and they take their time to release them or they wouldn't have any ideas any more to sale but… that's going too far for me :D

And in the end, who cares anyway? Those who don't want to spend money into new cars don't need to, nobody forbids them to drive their old cars :)
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