General discussion for the DRIVER series.
By driver2fan10
How do you use film director in Driv3r. I can't get it to move the camera then save what I did with the camara in it?
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By madness
You reminded me what I promised another member on these forums. And that was to create a guide on using the Film Director.

I'll get onto it this week and if people are still having problems I could create a video tutorial.

Anyways just to help out with instructions which version of DRIV3R do you own? (PC, XBOX, PS2, ect...)
By driver2fan10
I had lost my Driv3r for a year and I just decided to buy a new one yesterday for Ps2. I forgot how to use it.
By driver2fan10
What's the difference between add camara and edit camara in it. What do you use the edit camra for? ???????????
By driver2fan10
Oh ok thx I don't get how you know which cmara you are on though in it?
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By madness
You are on the camera which you currently are using, so lets say your looking at the front of the car your using 1st Person camera mode. Or if your cameras in the distance not fixed to any object it's a tripod camera and then you use the edit feature to move or edit that particular camera.

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