General discussion for the DRIVER series.
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By max.thunder
Post here magazine scans of Driver that you've found

I have to give credit for these to RacingFreak :wink:

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By 0takumetalhead
Never knew the peds are spriites o_O
Thx for these scans though, a very interesting read.
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By Nikusakken
Woah I dont know how you got all those awesome magazines, but keep it up!

I still have no idea why Martin and Gareth Edmondson retired from Reflections to make crappy and underrated mobile games... at Thumbstar - :|
Many people are jumping into the mobile/indie bandwagon as this segment is making many bucks recently. But it's a fad, so it'll die soon.
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By max.thunder
Just reuploaded the bad quality scans. (Check previous posts)
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By Vortex
I'm currently looking for those magazines :

- Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 164 ... issue-164/
- PSM December 2001 issue 78 ... B007QUS1IU

In the hopes of finding descriptions of missions that dont match the final game. Like Rescue Dubois/Bomb Truck starting with a gunfight onfoot or Arms Deal occuring in Istanbul.
By RobbyMac
WOW! Reading those articles after 20 years is almost surreal. Cheers for the scans, Skylabh!
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