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By helegad
Here is the score and soundtrack to Driver 2, by Allister Brimble and Richard Narco. Licensed music is credited appropriately. I have created an LP-type piece of work with cutscene audio interwoven with the tracks to bring all of the music together as an album.

Audio format is 16 bit FLAC. Licensed music is from lossless sources, and the score has suffered from no quality loss from its initial digital-format recording to the presented files. All files also have per-track ReplayGain info, which I recommend taking advantage of as the album is not mastered and I have amplified all of the tracks as far as they could go without any clipping, so the volume can be pretty variable.



01. Hound Dog Taylor - Sitting Here Alone (3:46)
02. Chicago Night (3:09)
03. Chicago Night Chase (2:54)
04. Sonny Boy Williamson II - Help Me (3:36)
05. Chicago Day (3:13)
06. Chicago Day Chase (2:31)
07. Havana Night (3:17)
08. Havana Night Chase (4:15)
09. Richard Aitken - Vasquez (1:28) (not included)
10. Havana Day Chase (2:30)
11. Havana Day (3:33)
12. Dust Junkys - Fever (4:32)
13. Las Vegas Day (4:14)
14. Las Vegas Day Chase (3:17)
15. Las Vegas Night (4:42)
16. Las Vegas Night Chase (2:27)
17. Sugar Pie DeSanto and Etta James - In The Basement (5:16)
18. Rio Day (5:01)
19. Rio Night (2:21)
20. Rio Night Chase (2:33)
21. Rio Day Chase (3:26)
22. Mozart - Lacrimosa, from Requiem No. III: Sequentia (3:50)
23. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (3:23)

Total time

424 MB

Click on the album art to download.


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By helegad
I've uploaded version 2. Changes:

- Added licensed music
- Improved fadeouts on some tracks
- Improved ID3 tags

I'd like to point out that it's the perfect length to fit on an audio CD to take with you on the road! :D
By Wheels
Awesome! The sounds would be a neat addition too! (Y)
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By helegad
I have uploaded the final version, the LP edition, of my unofficial Driver 2 soundtrack. If you are on a road trip or just want to listen to a full album, this is the version for you. Call it my "director's cut", this is what I regard to be the definitive version.


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