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By freaklore1
So i just started a game of Driver 2 on emulator.

I will finally be able to finish this game.

When i was young,i was never able to go further than Havana,back in those days i wasnt really good in video games.

Today,its not easy for me to find a copy of the game,they are pretty rare where i am,i once found a copy but the second disk was kinda broken so i couldnt do Las Vegas and Rio.

But now that i have a PS1 emulator,i can finally download and play the game and even finish it.

Wish me good luck.
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First mission :Not too difficult,im usually pretty good with the reaching locations before time run out missions,i rarely lose those.

Second mission : this one on the other hand,that freakin train pursuit mission,back in the days i always took the more risky paths and i always hit the dumpsters or the walls.Remember that path wich is at the end of the alley with the dumpsters then you turn left and you find yourself between the buildings and the grey fences,i always took that path and it was so difficult it made me rage.

Redoing it i noticed you could take the street instead and its much easier,funny how you can better startegize your path when you are older,lol.

Third mission : One thing i must tell you guys,i hate doing follow missions,im more focusing my attention on the notice bar than what is infront of me and that can be fatal,a single mistake and you lose.

Fourth mission :finally a cop chase,very intense,only problem are the lifting bridges,i had to wait for the first one to go down,second one wasnt a problem since it was already down.

Fifth mission : Jericho that son of a ****,quick into the car,the first 2 times I hit the yellow car that come around the first intersection,Jericho escapred me a fews time but i manage to finish the mission eventually.

Sixth mission : the infamous escape from the hangars,not so easy,but can be done if you are good enough in driving and you know your way around.The time limit and the yellow van can be a problem,but its ok.On the first try i took the green car,on the second one i took the other car.

Final mission : Finally i will be able to quit Chicago,for this mission i only took straight lines and avoided taking too much turns.And as for the car chasing me,it was not too much of a problem for me.

Finally i completed Chicago,next stop Havana,my favorite city.

mission 1 : damnit,another car following mission and its even harder than the last following mission.

mission 2 : this truck pursuit is quite hard,i had to re-do it a fews time.I noticed the truck go slower when the escort is gotten rid off.

mission 3 : and another truck pursuit,but dang its hard,the truck is going too fast,i have difficulty getting to it because of its faster speed and you tell me i also need to avoid bombs at the same time,**** it.The amount of time i lost.

mission 4 :and now the cherry on top of the cake,i need to ram into 4 cars in at least 6 minutes,its almost impossible.It already took me 3 minutes to reach the first car because of its distance and the fact that it move even further from you.I didnt even ram it yet wich will also take a certain time,then ill have to go after the 3 other cars.Thats already 3 missions in a row that were difficult,i hope the next ones are easier.

mission 5 : well,at least this mission is easier than the 3 last ones.I need to reach the ferry and jump on it,ok,and about the cop it wasnt too hard to get rid off.

mission 6 : Now that im way up on the map,i need to go way down of it,yippy.

mission 7 : Reach Jones who is next to a church ? No problems.

mission 8 : ah f***** hell,another car following mission,at least its shorter.

mission 9 : Pursuing Jericho again,finally i got him.What an interesting conversation between Tanner and Jericho.

mission 10 : Now i need to take Jericho to the safehouse,lol the trucks are still there.

Finally i have finished Havana,its time for the next city,Las Vegas here i come.

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