Discussion for Driver 2: The Wheelman is Back [US] / Driver 2: Back on the Streets [EU] (2000)
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By PostalDude
So, is there any chance to get this great game for the PC? I just loved it and I sold my PlayStation because I bought a computer - But there was no Driver 2 for it...
You...you have to be joking. :|
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By Fireboyd78
I hate to tell you but there is no official Driver 2 for the PC. As it stands I believe this project has been officially abandoned.
By cleone
Is the game finished by now ? :-)
Read the two damn posts before yours.
By Wheels
Is this still being worked on? Because I'm stoked for this! :specialdriver:
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By Olanov
Why is it that every new member we get bumps ancient topics from people who are no longer active?
Seems to be a running gag in DM.

A mod really should lock this topic.

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