Vote for many "Driver Related" things in here :)

What features/ improvements would you want most?

New themes/ More themes
New forums for games
New Wiki
Image limit/ Size limit
No votes
More downloads
Facebook/ Twitter posts
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By Steerclear
I personally think the Home Page needs a bit of a re-vamp. Nothing major, but I think 'the poll' section should go below 'recent topics'. Some of the titles of the topics could catch new potential members eyes. (Whereas they can't take part in a poll). And the bit below 'featured video' needs to be updated a bit more. In early December we had a topic about the more updated mod for Driver SF which never got featured. Which I thought was big news, and the only bit of news we had before that on the home page was back in April 2014. And finally, I only thought of this afterwards, but I think maybe a Youtube channel for Driver Madness could bring over new members. Driver is still popular on youtube, no matter how old the game. It could be more of a news about Driver sort of thing. Simply saying check out the mods on Driver Madness whenever there is a new one etc
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By Clutch
1 - the Wiki is unfinished and tatty. Good Wiki is addictive. This Wiki is just boring and annoying because of unfinished and not existing pages.
2 - new themes aren't necessary, I like this one a lot, but I know that there are some psychos who would like to browse forums in bright colours
3 - tighter image limit for avatars and signatures. They are too big in my opinion, too attention-grabbing counting against the meritum - content of post.
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By Steerclear
... but I think maybe a Youtube channel for Driver Madness could bring over new members...
There is already a Driver Madness youtube channel:
Lol, cheers, it looks like it needs to updated too, 4 years ago was the 'latest' video. No wonder I never knew about it. It's not even shown on here.
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By emmetmcl
A new theme, and the homepage should be updated I think.

Everything of interest is "below the fold".

The recent topics should be the first thing the person see's, they shouldn't have to scroll down to see them. The poll should be next. Then videos/recent news.
Though considering its Driver we'll hardly get much recent news :(

I did a quick mock-up, obviously, its very very rough, but it has the most important information nearest the top; and everything important is easily visible.
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By bb_42001
Good news guys, already started early planning on a new theme, which will be lighter, but based on PHPBB3.1
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By Fireboyd78
Good news guys, already started early planning on a new theme, which will be lighter, but based on PHPBB3.1
I'd like to add that you will be given a choice of dark or light colors.
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We could even go with the color scheme of one of the Driver games. :) Like DRIV3R'S yellow and blacks, or Driver 2's Red and blacks. Maybe even DRIV3R SF's yellow and white colors. I just decided to throw out some ideas. :)
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By bb_42001
Also we have added some ads on the site, I know not everyone likes them, but Driver Madness needs some income, so please allow ads on your ad blocker software, lets help get us some money for hosting and other improvements. Also feel free to click on the ads :p
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By Sedans
a driver 1 theme would be cool, with the classic artworks from the first driver.
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By Markhoss
Driver 1 online is already in progress it would be nice if with the netplay feature there would be a driver 2 option I tried it with kaileraclient and well I got game out of sync but 1 game worked.

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