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Have you played DOOM?

Yes, DOOM 1
Yes, DOOM 2
No votes
Yes, Classic DOOM
Yes, DOOM 3
Yes, all 3.
None of them
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By 0takumetalhead
Doom 1 and 2 are still amazing, Doom 3 relies to much on cheap jumpscares (getting old really fast) and ROE fairs a bit better, one of the new monsters introduced in this expansion actually being scary.

So yes, I've played somewhat every Doom (even the turn based mobile phone ones!).
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By Fab2cent
I enjoyed doom, i have played all of them but its not the best old school fps. I love quake, quake is amazing BUT even better than quake is duke nukem 3d, the duke in his 3d age was the best :wink:
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By max.thunder
If with Classic Doom you mean the first two games, my vote goes there.

I played Doom and Doom 2 a lot when i was a kid and it was pretty scary sometimes for me :)

Never finished Doom 1 since i didn't have the expansion pack.
About Doom 2, i was stuck in the last mission :cry:
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By pete
I only ever played the Doom 1 and 2 demos. Pretty cool though.

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